We offer an initial assessment with either counsellor to see if counselling is suitable and if we can be helpful to you.
If we choose to continue, we agree a number of sessions and draw up a contract – a counselling agreement.

If we cannot be helpful about an issue, we can refer or signpost you to a more suitable individual or agency.
At the initial assessment, we will listen to your reasons for wanting counselling and the difficulties you are having.

The assessment also gives you the opportunity to clarify with your counsellor any queries you may have.

Questions you may want to ask

You may wish to clarify practical issues such as the time, place, cost and duration of meetings plus any charges for cancelled appointments and holidays.
You may also wish to enquire about the counsellor’s professional membership and background.

During the initial assessment, you should get an idea of what is involved and be able to decide if this is a person you can work with.
It is important to be clear about what you want and what the counsellor is able to offer.